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At TFC, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled expertise in every product we create. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous approach to every stage of the manufacturing process and in the feedback from our statisfied clients.

We prioritize transparency in all our operations. By providing detailed lab reports for every batch, we offer our customers a clear insight into the composition, potency, and purity of our formulations. Our state-of-the-art facilities and adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guarantee that every product meets the strictest industry standards. And we source only the finest raw materials from suppliers we trust.

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We offer standard formulations ready for your brand, or we can create a formulation just for you. With low MOQs and reasonable pricing, why not reach out for more info today?


Edibles are a dynamic and essential category within the cannabis and CBD markets, offering brands a unique opportunity to captivate a broad audience. As consumer preferences evolve, edibles provide a convenient and versatile method of consumption, making them particularly appealing to both new and experienced users.

At TFC, we harness our extensive expertise in flavor science and product development to create exceptional edibles, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs advanced technology and rigorous quality control to ensure each edible is crafted with precision, consistency, and the highest standards of safety. Our products, including gummies and mints, are made to bring consumers back for more, building brand loyalty and trust. Partner with us for market-proven formulations to enhance your product portfolio, supported by our commitment to innovation, quality, and reliable delivery.

Our top-rated recipe is vegan, organic and gluten free, ensuring you can meet the needs of any consumer, regardless of dietary restrictions. And because we’re part of The Flavor Co., you can be confident these gummies will have a flavor your consumers will love.

Choose from over 50 flavors to create a gummy that’s all your own – your flavor, your active, your dosing strength. Or go with our retail-ready option for CBD gummies, with two stock flavors and a standard dose. Natural, delicious and ready to delight your consumers – it doesn’t get any better than this!


Mints are a refreshing and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and CBD, offering a quick and convenient consumption method that fits effortlessly into any lifestyle.

At TFC, our mints are formulated for consistency and potency, ensuring a reliable and controlled experience with every use. Utilizing our advanced flavor technology, we create mints that not only deliver effective cannabinoid doses but also feature a range of enticing flavors that mask the herbal notes of cannabis without overwhelming the palate.


Tinctures and mouth sprays maintain their importance in the cannabis and CBD industries, known for their targeted dosing and user-friendly application. These products offer a subtle and effective way for individuals to regulate their consumption, ensuring precise and reliable effects.

At TFC, we leverage our deep understanding of flavor science and advanced production techniques to develop premium tinctures and sprays. Our commitment to innovation allows us to produce formulations that optimize both stability and consumer satisfaction. With a focus on diverse flavor profiles and cannabinoid options, our tinctures and sprays cater to a broad range of consumer preferences. Collaborate with us to elevate your offerings with tinctures and sprays that surpass ordinary market expectations, delivering exceptional quality and cutting-edge solutions.

Tinctures have retained their popularity and are a staple on dispensary and retail shelves. Easy to administer with flexible dosing, tinctures offer many potential benefits to the consumer. And with a variety of cannabinoids, flavors and doses, they are a perfect way to round out a product line, with multiple options appealing to different consumers. TFC has hands-on expertise producing elevated tinctures for some of the industry’s largest brands, making us the perfect partner for helping your brand’s tinctures stand out from the pack.


Mouth sprays are gaining traction as an innovative and convenient alternative for cannabis and CBD consumption. These products offer precise, fast-acting delivery, making them ideal for consumers seeking immediate effects without the hassle of traditional methods.

At TFC, our sprays are designed with user experience in mind, featuring a range of carefully crafted flavors that enhance the overall enjoyment and effectiveness of the product. Each spray delivers a consistent dose, ensuring reliable performance with every use. We utilize advanced encapsulation technology to optimize absorption and prolong the effects.


The beverage segment in the cannabis and CBD industries is rapidly expanding, driven by the increasing demand for ready-to-drink (RTD) products. At TFC, we excel in delivering innovative beverage solutions, including concentrates, ready-to-drink shots, and powdered beverages, all designed to help brands quickly leverage this expanding market.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes enable rapid product development and deployment, ensuring that each beverage is crafted with precision and efficiency. These processes, combined with our expertise in flavor science, result in products that are not only cost-effective but also highly appealing to consumers seeking convenience and quality. By partnering with TFC, brands gain access to advanced production technologies and a team committed to innovation, allowing them to navigate the beverage boom with products that are streamlined for success and broad consumer appeal.

Concentrated beverage enhancers are liquid additives designed to enhance the flavor, nutrition, or functionality of drinks. A small amount can significantly alter the taste or benefits of water or other beverages, making them a versatile choice for consumers.

Our version, Beverage Maker, is offered in a take-anywhere, portable bottle which includes multiple servings and precise dosing with the patent-pending Dose Easy system. It’s simple to use, both discreet and social, inviting consumers to enjoy a dosed beverage anywhere they desire.

Available in numerous stock flavors, as well as custom flavors and formulations, Beverage Maker is ready for manufacture in both regulated and open markets.


Ready-to-Drink shots, or “shooters,” provide a quick, convenient dose of cannabinoids or other functional ingredients in a compact format, perfect for on-the-go consumption. Our RTD shots are crafted with precision and can be customized with a wide range of flavors and formulations, tailored to appeal to diverse consumer tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking to help your consumers energize, relax, or balance, our RTD shots are designed to suit various lifestyle needs.


Powdered beverages provide a versatile and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids, offering consumers the ability to customize their intake. At TFC, our powdered beverage mixes dissolve quickly and evenly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with every sip. Formulated for both taste and efficacy, these powders come in a variety of flavor profiles that can be tailored to suit different consumer preferences and dietary needs.


The topicals segment in the cannabis and CBD industries continues to flourish, with an increasing array of products designed for both body and facial care. At TFC, we are committed to pioneering topicals that cater to a wide range of consumer needs, from moisturizing lotions and muscle relief creams to specialized facial treatments aimed at night recovery and sensitive skin conditions like eczema. Our expertise in dermatological formulation ensures that each product not only delivers targeted therapeutic benefits but also enhances overall skin health.

Leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality controls, TFC produces topicals that are safe, effective, and highly trusted by consumers. Our products combine the finest natural ingredients with CBD and/or other functional ingredients, offering exceptional performance and satisfaction. Partner with us to expand your product line with topicals that meet the growing consumer demand for wellness-focused cannabis solutions.

TFC’s range of body care topicals, including moisturizing lotions and muscle relief creams, is crafted to soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate. Each product is developed using high-quality natural ingredients and the latest in functional ingredient infusion technology to ensure deep skin nourishment and effective relief. These topicals are perfect for everyday wellness, aiding in recovery and providing consistent care for skin health.

Our facial care line is designed to meet the unique demands of facial skin, offering products from hydrating night creams to specialized treatments for sensitive conditions like eczema. Utilizing dermatologically-approved formulations, TFC facial treatments enhance skin vitality and address specific concerns with precision. Each product combines therapeutic CBD benefits with essential skincare ingredients to promote a balanced, healthy complexion.


Tablets and capsules are prized for their precision, discretion, and ease of use, making them a preferred choice in the cannabis and CBD markets for consumers interested in controlled dosing. At TFC, we specialize in producing top-tier tablets and capsules, leveraging advanced manufacturing processes that adhere to pharmaceutical-grade standards for quality and consistency.

Our facilities are equipped for complex formulations that can incorporate a diverse range of cannabinoids and additional functional ingredients, aimed at enhancing specific health and wellness outcomes. Focused on delivering consistent dosage and high bioavailability, TFC’s tablets and capsules ensure effective and reliable results. Partner with us to utilize our comprehensive testing protocols and production expertise, providing your customers with dependable wellness solutions.

Tablets offer a familiar and precise dosing option for consumers, combining ease of use with controlled release properties. TFC’s manufacturing capabilities allow us to create tablets that maintain dose uniformity and stability, ideal for consistent therapeutic effects. With our custom formulation services, we enable brands to develop bespoke tablets that meet specific consumer health needs, enhancing marketability and user satisfaction.

Capsules are favored for their convenience and versatility, providing a taste-neutral vessel for a variety of cannabinoid formulations. At TFC, we utilize advanced encapsulation technology to ensure each capsule delivers targeted release and optimal absorption. Our expertise in high-quality capsule production supports brands in offering products that are both effective and appealing, suitable for consumers seeking discreet and straightforward consumption options.