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A Brief History

The Flavor Co. started in 2016, providing packaging and flavors to the cannabis industry. As we evolved our experience with product formulations, ingredient manufacturers, and manufacturing processes, we became a trusted advisor to companies trying to enter and operate in the new “green” space.

In early 2017 at the request of several flavor customers, we established a CBD manufacturing facility. The core business was powered by a team with a combined 30+ years success in manufacturing and product development. To expand our product offerings while staying true to our core, we also aligned with strategic partners who represented the best in their respective categories.

In May of 2022 we became a cGMP certified company to continue our growth and give both existing and new customers a competitive edge.

Today we consult with clients for development and manufacturing of products using all cannabinoids, working out of our own facility or out of licensed partner facilities to ensure we always comply with relevant regulations.

We are passionate about helping cannabis and CBD brands create amazing consumer products, and we have an extensive list of loyal, happy and successful clients to prove it!

Why Choose TFC?


When a client trusts us with their CBD manufacturing needs, they know we always have their best interests in mind and we will never cut corners. We pride ourselves on working with only the best suppliers and top tier ingredients/products. We prioritize the customer’s needs over any personal agenda, and we never settling for “average” or “good”.


A cornerstone of TFC is being open and honest with our clients leads to trust and mutually beneficial relationships. We strive for open communication and dialogue for a more enjoyable process and fewer surprises along the way.


Our competitively priced services permit our clients to grow and scale at a healthy rate. Their success over time rewards us better than any quick, short-term win

Low MOQ’s

Even the biggest brands sometimes need to start small. Our low MOQ’s empowers companies of all sizes to establish a product in the market and then scale at a healthy rate as demand increases.



When you partner with TFC, you get the benefit of our broad manufacturing and business expertise. We complement our in-house team with carefully vetted partners and can say with confidence that we have knowledge and expertise in the following manufacturing requirements, tasks and processes:

Quality Control and Assurance:
● Implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure the highest
standards in all manufactured products.
● Utilize industry-standard testing and inspection procedures for
components, materials, and finished goods.

Supply Chain Management:
● Implement strategies to manage inventory effectively, minimizing
lead times and production delays.
● Establish strong relationships with suppliers to ensure a steady and
high-quality supply of materials.

Innovation in Materials and Processes:
● Stay at the forefront of material science and manufacturing
technologies to drive innovation.
● Explore new materials and manufacturing processes that can
enhance product performance and quality.

Customization and Adaptability:
● Design manufacturing processes that allow for customization and
flexibility in production.
● Ensure adaptability to changing market demands and customer

Regulatory Compliance:
● Stay abreast of and comply with industry regulations.
● Proactively address any changes in regulations that may impact
manufacturing processes.

Technology Integration:
● Embrace Industry 4.0 technologies for automation, data analytics,
and smart manufacturing.
● Integrate advanced software and control systems to optimize
production efficiency.
● Explore the use of IoT devices and sensors for real-time monitoring
and control.

Collaboration and Cross-Functional Teams:
● Encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among internal
teams, with our clients and with our partners

Safety Protocols:
● Prioritize workplace safety across all manufacturing facilities.
● Implement and enforce strict safety protocols and procedures.

The success of your products is of the utmost importance.  When you’re seeking the right partner, TFC delivers.