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Beverage Maker

A take-anywhere beverage concentrate with Dose Easy*, for the perfect dose, every time

Beverage Maker from The Flavor Co. makes it easy for Cannabis and CBD brands to jump into the booming beverage space.

This unique beverage concentrate offers multiple servings and precise dosing in a discreet, portable bottle, perfect for purse or pocket.

Simple to use, Beverage Maker is both personal and social, inviting your consumers to relax and enjoy their beverage of choice anywhere they desire. 

With the patent-pending Dose Easy dosing system, consumers will have confidence in accurate dosing over multiple servings.

No droppers, no separate measuring cup. No more guesswork. It’s as easy as squeeze to fill, release to dose and pour to enjoy!

*Dose Easy is a patent-pending universal dosing system from The Flavor Co.

The Flavor Co Beverage Maker How to Dose



Fast time to market

A private-label product, ready for manufacturing in regulated or open markets


Dosing Options

Up to 30 doses per bottle, depending on preference and state regulations


Multiple Flavors

Available in 7 flavors at launch, including Dragon Fruit, Tropical Mango and Jack’s Lemonade – Custom flavors and formulations available


Low MOQ's

Minimum MOQ of 2,500 finished units, or equivalent

Benefits for Brands:


Fast time to market

A brand can get their own Beverage Maker, with active, flavor and servings of their choosing, in as little as 8 weeks.


Precise dosing

 Brands can offer consumers the assurance of precise dosing over multiple servings


Lower shipping and storage costs

A single 28 dose Beverage Maker = 28 8 oz cans of a ready-to-drink beverage



It’s easy to stock a variety of flavors and doses

Attract & Delight Consumers with a  New Beverage Experience


It’s a controlled dose

No guesswork required


It's easy to take anywhere

Totally portable and convenient


It's flexible

Simply add to their beverage of choice


It's discreet

Consume when and where desired


It's social

Easy to share in a group setting


It's personal

Add doses as desired

It’s a controlled dose, no guesswork required<br />

So  Many Ways to Enjoy

The Flavor Co Beverage Maker Make or Boost

Out on the town and not consuming alcohol? Taking a refreshment break at the 9th tee? Enjoying a hike with friends? Or just relaxing after work?

Beverage Maker is the perfect companion. Simply add to plain or sparkling water for the perfect drink, anywhere, anytime.

It’s also perfect to boost any beverage. Add a little lift to a cocktail with a THC version. Or add a little chill with a CBD version. Top off a can with an extra dose. Or just add some flavor for a change of taste.

With Beverage Maker, let your consumer make it their own.

Beverage Maker is available for production, based on an individual brand’s flavor, dosing and active needs. We offer a fully-finished, private-label option for open markets. For brands in regulated markets, our made-by-you option includes a base beverage formulation ready for your active, as well as bottles with our patent-pending dosing system.

The Importance of Flavor in Beverages

Flavor is a critical factor in the success of beverages, as it directly influences consumer preferences, satisfaction, and repeat purchases. 

Because we’re part of The Flavor Co., our team understands how to guide our customers to find just the right flavor for their infusions.  For Beverage Maker, we offer seven flavors to start, including Dragonfruit, Redwood Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Tropical Mango and Jack’s Lemonade (part of our terpene infused series).  We have a long list of other flavors that can be available, and we are always happy to create a custom flavor profile just for you.

Regardless of your flavor preference, we’ll always keep consumer enjoyment in mind.  Memorable and enjoyable flavors contribute to brand loyalty, encouraging your customers to come back for more.  Flavor can also contribute to your brand recognition, setting you apart from the competition or as part of a cohesive flavor strategy across your entire product line.

Flavor innovation also allows brands to adapt to changing consumer preferences and stay relevant in the market.  Maybe an exotic citrus blend like yuzu/blood orange/lemon is the perfect refreshing beverage for summer.  Or a berry blend like blueberry/pomegranate might make a vibrant year-round favorite.  And don’t forget the tried-and-true like fruit punch and strawberry.

There are so many flavor options to create just the right beverage.  Let’s talk flavor today!


In-house brands ready for retail; our lowest MOQ for those looking to stock branded CBD products in their retail establishment or online store


A standard line of product formulations ready for your branding; a lower MOQ and shorter time to market than a than a full custom product


A fully custom solution; your unique formulation with your branding, developed in partnership with our product team

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