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Our Story

Born out of our experience with The Flavor Co., we started consulting back in 2016 for many companies looking to enter the CBD market. Our experience with flavors, product formulations, ingredient manufacturers, and manufacturing processes enabled us to properly advise companies on how to enter and operate in the new “green” space. It quickly became apparent that there were few, if any, CBD product manufacturers who had the experience and “know how” to create     a product worthy of carrying a brand or business.

In early 2017, we established a CBD manufacturing facility to better serve our customers’ needs. The core of our business was powered by a team with a combined 30+ years success in manufacturing and product development. To expand our product offerings while staying true to our core, we also aligned with strategic partners who represent the best in their respective categories.

Today we are a leading CBD manufacturer in an overcrowded space, with an extensive list of loyal, happy and successful clients to prove it!

Why Choose TFC Formulations?

When a client trusts us with their CBD manufacturing needs, they know we always have their best interests in mind and we will never cut corners. We pride ourselves on working with only the best suppliers and top tier ingredients/products. We prioritize the customer’s needs over any personal agenda, and we never settling for “average” or “good”.


A cornerstone of TFC Formulations, being open and honest with our clients leads to trust and mutually beneficial relationships. We strive for open communication and dialogue for a more enjoyable process and fewer surprises along the way.


Our competitively priced services permit our clients to grow and scale at a healthy rate. Their success over time rewards us better than any quick, short-term win

Low MOQ’s

Even the biggest brands sometimes need to start small. Our low MOQ’s empowers companies of all sizes to establish a product in the market and then scale at a healthy rate as demand increases.